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Caught in the Net season has finished. What a hard play it was for both actors and directors. I am so glad that I had such a brilliant and experienced cast. With the help of co-director Anthony Gray I was able to bring this show to life, although sometimes during rehearsals some of the committee and even myself wondered if it would ever click. But in true theatre style right at the beginning of the season it all came together and had audiences rolling in their seats.
I feel that as a theatre we and our audiences are expecting too much in the way of professionalism. This I fear could be detrimental to our society as it means we will choose experience over enthusiasm. Amateur theatre is just that amateur not professional. We do this for fun as well as entertainment. There needs to be a compromise or we will loose membership and the theatre will start struggling for directors and casts; this is not a new thing it has happened before. Please email me your views on this issue.
Rehearsals are well under way for Remain in Light, with about 3 weeks until opening night. I understand that Les is looking for a person to play one of the parts. Please contact Les, myself or any committee member to find out more.  Click here
Christmas will soon be upon us and the theatre has had another really good year. The opening production will be ‘Snake in the Grass’ written by Alan Ayckbourn and to be directed by Ian Harrop. Ian is currently auditioning Females aged 45 to 60 for 3 very demanding roles. So if your interested contact Ian on 0212160443. There will be formal audition notices shortly as Ian is hoping to have the play pretty much cast before Christmas. More info here.
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