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A.G.M. What happened? We had a very good turnout this year although there were a lot of apologise. Phillip Legg resigned as president and John Watson was nominated to take his place. John was reluctant and felt the position should go to someone with more experience. There were no further nominations and John excepted the position. Paul Ferguson and Ron Handford were elected in as vice presidents. Murray Whitaker remains Treasurer and Jocelyn Legg secretary.
The Committee has a full quota of nine members, most were on the committee last year and have chosen to remain for a further term, Annette Brodie is the only new addition.
Murray Whitaker reported that we made a $27.30 profit (what can we spend it on).
Ian Harrop was made a life member of the society.
There was some brief discussion concerning on-line ticket sales but this was held over for the committee meeting following the A.G.M. John Watson, Murray Whitaker and myself were nominated to research this further and report back at the next meeting along with the possibility of having wifi installed.
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