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The theatre now has broadband and wifi installed, this will make a real difference to wardrobe, sound and lighting areas. It will eventually develop in to other areas such as on-line seating email bookings and communication.
We have decided on an on-line provider for our on-line ticket sales. We have some work to do before on-line tickets are available. We are looking at the end of year production being our first show with on-line tickets. Peter Pan is a bit complex as it has multiple ticket pricing. Tickets will still be available in the usual way as well, from Piako Stationery and the front of house ticket booth. Tickets will remain at $20 but an extra charge to cover on-line services will need to be passed on, this will be about $2 (charge for on-line and Eftpos sales only). More work is still to be done and final prices decided, this is an extra method of purchasing tickets, all traditional methods will remain at the same price. Using the Internet you will be able to see what tickets are available however you choose to buy them.
We are working very hard at delivering quality shows at affordable prices. A lot of our productions have had some audiences compare them to being as good as or better than professional productions
As we are an amateur society we are humbled to have this sort of feedback. We do cater for many tastes, so we cannot produce the same type of show over and over, we need variety. We also need actors, experience is not necessary as full training is provided. Everyone should tread the boards at least once to say they've done it, remember acting builds character, give it a go.
Paul Ferguson (website editor) - email: web.editor@tads.org.nz
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