Caught in the Net


Directors Paul Ferguson and Anthony Gray

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Who could possibly forget the newspaper eating, upstairs neighbour covered in blood red paint, police detective in an apron playing mother. Just a few of the memorable scenes from “Run for your Wife”. How could a play write even one as talented as Ray Cooney possibly surpass a memorable show like that. Well Ray certainly pull out all the stops in this, a sequel to “RfyW”, “Caught in the Net” is fast paced and full of innuendos and surprises.

This farce is a stand alone play so you don't need to have seen the first one to enjoy it. “Caught in the Net” is in my opinion funnier than “Run for your Wife”. The scenario is 18 years later, John's wives have had children, they meet on the Internet, John enlists the help of his lodger, Stanley, once again, this time to help keep his wives and their offspring apart.

The action takes place in two apartments, one in Wimbledon and the other in Streatham. The one set is both apartments, with their own front door, so the action goes on in both apartments at the same time. Stanley is taking his father to Felixstowe for a holiday. Will he ever get there? Can John succeed in keeping his guilty secret from his families? Will the kids ever meet? Having the same father what will happen if they do? Will Dad ever get his swim? Some of the many questions, with some intriguing twists.

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