Remain in light
Written by Stephen Sinclair.
Director Les Munro
Previous work by Stephen Sinclair include: Ladies Night and Lord of the Rings.
Remain in Light is a dramatic but poetic play written by Stephen Sinclair, a New Zealand film and television writer and emerging director. Just a few of his accomplishments include working with Peter Jackson on Meet the Feebles, Braindead and The two Towers,the second film in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He also co-wrote, with Anthony McCarten, the very popular Ladies Night which continues to be played and enjoyed around the world. This prodigious writer saw the first professional production of Remain in Light in 2017 at the Pumphouse theatre in Auckland. Remain in Light is gripping, lyrical and strikingly bold. Together with a large cast it uses sound and lighting technology to create a truly unique experience. This play portrays what could be the events that befell our distant ancestors or what lies in wait for generation far in the future. One morning the sun fails to rise. What follows shows how human beings cope in the all consuming darkness and what they will do to remain in light.