Sleuth by Anthony Shaffer
Directed by Ciaran Warner and Les Munroe
A play written by Anthony Shaffer in 1970. Sleuth won a Tony Award for Best Play on Broadway, and the actors the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Performance. The play has been adapted for film three times since then, the most recent being 2014. The set is an English manor house, the plot a mix of games and game-playing, imagination and reality, but where does one finish and the other begin? There are just two characters, both men, and we are thrilled to have Ciaran Warner and Rod Tanner taking these parts. These men are both well-known on the TADS stage and are sure to bring us a performance that challenges as much as it entertains. Is there any such thing as an ‘impossible crime’?. SLEUTH will be on stage at Te Aroha Little Theatre from March 23 through to April 1. Mark your diary, this one is definitely worth seeing, but then aren’t all our productions?